About Kinkless Jewelry Packaging

Jewelry Preserver and Jewelry Pakaging

Kinkless is a cleaning and protective jewelry system. As jewelry packaging, Kinkless and the family of products allows users to protect and safeguard their fine precious metal pieces. Kinkless has multiple purposes, as it acts to preserve, clean, detangle (by keeping your product from tangling), and store.  At home and in transit (during vacation or business trips), Kinkless (jewelry packaging) ensures your product is safe, secure, kink and tangle free. Better yet, Kinkless (jewelry packaging) for necklaces has a hidden compartment that allows for the safe storage of pendants, earrings, and rings. This is especially useful if the jewelry is part of a set.

As a jewelry packaging, sending your customers home with a Kinkless (jewelry packaging) , allows them to keep their jewelry pristine from the very day they purchase it. Allows your customer to pass on as heirlooms.  What’s more, by personalizing a Kinkless (jewelry packaging) with your store’s logo, your customer’s are reminded of the quality of your product each and every time, they put your jewelry on. Each and every time they travel with your jewelry. Each and every time they simply open their jewelry box.  Each and every time, they see the Kinkless package, they will think of the quality of the product you sold them.

This patent pending product is revolutionary as it is changing the game. No more do your customers have to deal with the woes of tangled jewelry. By using the Kinkless (jewelry packaging) product correctly, tangled jewelry will be a thing of the past. Selling your jewelry to a we buy gold franchise will be less likely as they will maintain and take care of their jewelry. They will maintain the intrinsic value of the product through proper care.

Going Kinkless will allow you to set your business apart, by simply allowing your customers to maintain the value of your product.

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