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Tangled Jewelry? Consider going Kinkless and stop your jewelry from ever tangling

Welcome to C-A-L innovations! A privately owned company! A company born out of innovation and a need to improve. The idea for Kinkless® came to owner and inventor Nina Lewis literally in a dream! Nina dreamt about her favorite necklace — one her Grandmother left her —
getting tangled. We all know what it’s like to deal with tangled jewelry, be it a tangled necklace or a tangled bracelet, it can be such a frustrating process to untangle.  When she awoke, the idea of Kinkess® was percolating in her mind.  She dreamt that this product would not only clean, protect, organizes, keep your jewelry from tangling but it would acts as a portable travel protective system and even better, this product would ideally be provided to the consumer upon purchase of your necklace and/or bracelet as jewelry packaging.  Or consumers could purchase it themselves.  But it would take four years for Nina to take on this advantage to detangle the world.

The Journey So Far

The journey thus far, though fraught with challenges, has been extremely rewarding for Nina and her team. The company went from concept to launch in a little over a year and is now fully operational. C-A-L innovations continues to gain amazing independent stores and an ever growing amount of supporters. The company continues to make it’s way to both giant chain stores and authentic independent boutiques.


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